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Barrier & Bollard Systems

Rising Automatic Bollards & Automatic Barriers

Automatic Barriers
Automatic barriers tend to be used for more high frequency vehicle movements. They help with traffic management, carpark misuse, preventing congestion and are perfect for applications such as: car parks, entrances to office parking, toll booths and other areas which require control of traffic. The beauty of automatic barriers is that they do not need to be manned and can be operated out of hours meaning they are perfect for a range of applications. When used in conjunction with automatic bollards they provide a secure way to prevent unauthorised vehicle access to your premises.

Rising Bollards
For preventing vehicle movements but still maintaining pedestrian access automatic bollards are the perfect solution. Automatic bollards are also known as rising bollards are suitable for use in locations where an automatic barrier system is not practical. Some of the examples of applications for rising bollards are: car parks, pedestrian zones, bus gates, shopping centres and government buildings. They can also be used in conjunction with automatic barriers to provide an added level of security and prevent ramming of barriers and gates.

Environmental factors can play a big part in your choice of automated barrier and bollard systems and factors to consider include: wind loading, water table, aesthetics, frequency of access, vandalism and level of security. Our expert team will be able to help you select the right automation system for your needs as well as help you decide on the access controls that will work best for your application. Our solutions can be completely tailored to your needs so get in touch with us today on 01342 311 538 for more information.

Below are some examples of our barriers and automatic bollards.