Guide to Automatic Gates

Elements to consider when sourcing an Automatic Gates

Think about your environment

Your environment will have a big impact on both your gate and automation solution. Things to consider include; wind loading, water table, aesthetics and the frequency of access. Make sure your provider asks you about these important factors when recommending a solution.

Choosing your design

Your gate design will dictate the automation system you need. We also consider your environment to ensure your gate is both fit for purpose and in keeping with your premises. You may choose between having a bespoke design manufactured or buying an off the shelf gate. We find that specially manufactured gates, with automation in mind, last much longer and are better suited to the stresses and strains of automatic systems.



Choose your gate material

There are 2 main choices when it comes to gate material. This is a very important factor and will be guided by budget, access requirements and your environment. This is what you need to know:

Metal Gates

Metal gates, if properly treated, will last much longer than wooden gates. They are also relatively maintenance free and ideally suited for large entrances. We can manufacture a bespoke design for you or source an excellent quality gate from our suppliers if you prefer.

Wooden Gates

Wooden gates give you more privacy, reduce traffic noise, look more natural (especially if your home is in a rural environment) but do require some maintenance and care.

Things to bear in mind: Hardwood gates are generally more expensive than softwood gates. This cost is normally balanced out over the lifespan of the product as hardwood gates will last around 20 years if properly maintained, whilst a softwood gate lasts about 12 years.

Selecting an automation system

Environment is a big factor here as well as security, aesthetics, size of gate and frequency of use. You can choose from concealed underground automation to rams which tend to be visible on the rear of the gate. Automation systems work 24/7 in various weather conditions, all year round. It is important you buy a quality system that is robust enough to cope with location of the site. As with most things in life you really do get what you pay for. Cheaper systems will be less reliable and will probably not last as long. We will always recommend systems to you that will last longer, which have readily available parts and that we have confidence in. Our aim is to give our clients a quality system that is installed correctly.

Select your access controls

You’ve got the gates and the automation, now it’s time to decide how you will control it. There are many ways to control automatic gate systems. You need to take into consideration ease of use, security, and the practicalities of your premises. There are many access control systems to choose from, including audio entry phones, video entry phones, hard wired systems or GSM systems, it all depends on the way you want your system to operate. We will work with you to design a system that uses as much or as little technology as you feel comfortable with.

We can help you with all the above and guide you through the decision making process.

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