CCTV Systems & IP Video Security Systems Surrey, Sussex & Kent


Closed circuit television (CCTV), is a tool used to monitor a property internally and externally, to deter thieves or catch offenders.

You can now get CCTV cameras to come in both wired and wireless models. Some of the wired models get their power from the network cable, while others need a mains connection. If you need to place cameras outdoors or minimise visible wiring, wireless cameras are usually a better choice.

Various types of cameras exist to cover different areas. That might include domed cameras for outdoors, small ‘bullet’ type cameras for doorways.

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IP Video Systems

Another breakthrough in the way we can operate gates, barriers, bollards is with IP Video Entryphone’s. These allow for the owners to be able to talk to and view visitors all from their smartphones, tablets and even PC’s.

The Entryphone’s require a suitable Internet connection, although they can operate via WiFi we would recommend Ethernet cable direct into the router. As with GSM Entryphones, the visitor presses a button and a call is made – is VIA an IP connection and the owners can answer/view on a specially designed App on their smartphone or tablet assuming they have sufficient WiFi signal or 3G/4G signal.

Due to the transfer of video data, the Internet connection needs to be strong enough and reliable and it would need at least 2mb upload speed at the point where the Entryphone is to be installed.

We would use either AES or BPT for a video entryphone


GSM Entryphones

GSM Entryphones offer a simple way to operate your gates, barriers and bollards all from your mobile phone. The Entryphones have a SIM card built into them to allow them to be installed at the entrance to your property. All they need to run is power, SIM card and aerial.

A major benefit in the GSM option is the fact you are not hard wiring back to the property, if you have an entrance 200m away, then that would require a lot of time and labour in laying the cables, with GSM…. Problem solved.

Telephone numbers, entry codes can all be changed via SMS or the use of Apps on smart phones, this eradicates any need for site call-outs to change details over.

S.A.S offer a variety of GSM options to suit nearly all needs. We use the best and most reliable products on the market allowing for a long-lasting product.

For more information check out Telguard for a full range of GSM options


Smart Encoders

Encoders built into the operators allow them to stop and reverse on obstacle detection – meaning if the gates were to open and hit a any person/object they would immediately stop and reverse to avoid any damage/injury. These follow guidelines set out by the DHF (Door and Hardware Federation)


We can help you with all the above and guide you through the decision making process.

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