A comparison of different types of gate automation


When it comes to deciding on automatic/electric gates, an important choice is what type of motor/motors you will require. Below we will give you an a brief outline of the types on offer with SAS.

RAM/arm motors

These are fitted to the rear of the gate, usually across the middle rail of the gate/gates. They provide a strong and relatively smooth operation. The motors are visible from the inside of the property, and dependent on gate material/design occasionally visible from outside the property too.

Underground motors

The underground motor is housed in a foundation boxed installed in the ground, this is designed to take the weight of the gates to allow the motor to act as the bottom hinge. Underground motors are weatherproof however they rely on correct drainage and we would recommend they are not installed in areas prone to flooding and lots of sitting surface water. The motors are discreet allowing for a much cleaner visual experience from the front and rear of the gates.

Articulated arms

Articulated / Cranked arms are used when automating gates that are hung in the centre of a post/pier where the geometry becomes an issue for the standard RAMS. As with RAMS the motors are mounted to the rear of the gate and are visible

Tracked Sliding Gate

A tracked sliding gate allows for the gate to slide across a track installed on the ground. The track is installed to a foundation suitable to take the weight of the gate. The track must be installed level and is not recommended for installation when on a gravel drive or under tress with falling debris as this can lodge itself in the track. The gate has wheels that run along the track and the gate is supported by either a top roller or a internal support post.

Cantilever Sliding Gate

A cantilever gate allows for a sliding gate to be installed where the ground in not level, or it is a gravel drive. A cantilever gate has wheels that are fitted to a large concrete base, the gate then slides across the wheels and effectively floats across the entrance.