Benefits of Wooden Gates

Some of the main benefits of wooden gates are: that they give you more privacy, look more natural and reduce traffic noise. Unlike metal gates they do require more maintenance and care but providing they are looked after they will look great for years to come.

Safe and Secure

Particularly suited to residential applications, wooden gates provide a great way of securing your property and offering a visual and physical deterrent to thieves. At Secure Access Services we can help you find the right wooden gate for your house or business. Some popular choices include driveway gates, pedestrian gates and equestrian gates. The main choice to make when selecting a wooden gate is whether to choose a hardwood or a softwood gate. A softwood gate will generally cost less but will also be less durable and last about 12 years. Hardwood gates cost more but the added expense is normally balanced out over the lifespan of the product as they should last 20 years or more.

Completely Bespoke

As well as standard wooden gates we are also able to offer a full gate automation solution for our customers. We can provide a full service tailored to your needs including: design, planning, installation and maintenance. For more details about our wooden gates and for a free quote please give us a call today on 01342 311 538.

Below is a selection of wooden gate designs. These gate designs are available in both Hardwood and Softwood.