Pricing guide for automatic gates

We understand that buying a automated gates can be a huge decision. Our goal at S.A.S is to empower you with truthful and honest cost information to help you plan for you’re automated gates project.


As you consider purchasing gates from us here at Secure Access Services, this pricing guide will help you understand an initial ballpark price installation of automatic gates. All installations are different, and a site visit and fully detailed quote will be required.

Costs of automatic gates: A Couple Things to Consider

There are two things to consider when researching the cost automatic gate systems:

  • The INITIAL price to supply and install the system
  • The ONGOING cost of owning and maintaining the system

First, let us look at the initial cost of Wooden, Aluminium, and Metal gates to understand a ballpark for each.

Please bear in mind gate prices are dependent on exact design, measurements and these can vary.

Then, we will look at the ongoing cost of owning and running automated gates.

Wooden, Aluminium, and Metal gates Cost Comparison

Wooden Gates

There are two main types of wooden gates

  • Softwood (Pine, Redwood)
  • Hardwood (Iroko, Idigbo, Sapele)


A pair of Softwood gates if treated and maintained correctly you can expect to get 12 – 15 years life expectancy from the gates.

All our wooden gates come untreated as standard, and we highly recommend they are treated. We offer treatment prior to installing.

An advantage of Softwood gates is the upfront cost – the gates can vary from anywhere from £900 – £2000 + VAT for the softwood gates

Small —2.8 – 3.2m wide

Medium—3.3 – 4m wide

Large—4m + wide

You can expect untreated Softwood gates to be:

  • small gates to cost £900 – £1250 + VAT
  • medium gates to cost £1200 – £1800 + VAT
  • large gates to cost £1600 – £2000 + VAT


As with Softwood gates, Hardwood gates need ongoing treatment to help preserver the wood. If Hardwood gates are treated correctly, you can be looking at 20 – 25+ years life span out of them.

The lifespan of the Hardwood drastically outlives that of the Softwood, this is reflected in the pricing of Hardwood gates as they can range from £2200 – £3300 + VAT.

You can expect untreated Hardwood gates to be:

  • Small gates to cost £2200 – £2600 + VAT
  • Medium gates to cost £2400 – £3000 + VAT
  • Large gates to cost £2900 – £3300 + VAT

Aluminium Gates

Aluminium gates can enhance the look of any property with the vast number of designs on offer as well as the ability to have the gates powder coated to almost any RAL colour, or to give a realistic wood effect.

The beauty of the aluminium gates is there is no ongoing treatments required for the gates, just the occasional clean if they get dirty.

With aluminium gates, the price is very dependent on designs, colour, sizing etc and you can pay anything from £1800 – £4000 + VAT


Steel gates can give a more traditional look to a property, all our steel gates are fabricated in house by our own team. Gates are then sent off to be either Galvanised or Hot Zinc Sprayed (depending on size) and then are powder coated. This gives the gates a long lasting, rust free finish which require no ongoing treatment.

Metal gates price is dependent on designs, colour, sizing etc and you can pay anything from £2200 – £3500 + VAT


Installation Costs:

To save on costs many people chose to carry out certain aspects for themselves, this includes having a mains connection ready at the gates, installing ducting, installing posts/piers.

On average the cost for S.A.S to complete all works in association with automating gates is in the region of:

  • RAM automation – £3500 – £6000 + VAT
  • Underground automation – £4000 – £6500 + VAT
  • Sliding automation – £4500 – £7000 + VAT

 All installations and individual and the access control required to control the gates is dependent on your needs.

All our systems come with 2 x remote transmitters as starting point for controlling the gates. From here on everything else is additional, this ranges from:

  • Push buttons – (£60 – £125 + VAT)
  • Remote audio entryphones – (600 – £650 + VAT)
  • GSM entryphones – (£800 – £1350 + VAT)
  • Video Entryphones – (£850 – £1800 + VAT)
  • Keypads – (£95 – £250 + VAT)
  • Loops – (£390 – £450 + VAT)
  • Remote Controls – (£35 + VAT)


Ongoing Costs


As for Softwood and Hardwood gates, we would strongly recommend that they are re-retreated on yearly basis – this is not something S.A.S would do, however the cost is the price for a tin of preserver.


Access Control

GSM Entryphone – these require a sim card to function; the sim card would be paid for by yourselves. Sim deals can vary drastically from £3pm – £20pm for line rental.

Pay as You Go sims can be obtained from most networks also, but these require ongoing ‘topping up’

If we assume a typical residential property uses a sim with £3 line rental per month, the system then charges 6p for every time a visitor presses the call button, and a phone call connects. Based on 5 visitors a day the typical bill would be around £12 per month

**Info is based on 5 visitors a day, if gates are used more frequent then the costs can be higher**


Electricity usage

If we assume on a typical residential property, the gates are used 15 times per day.

Automatic gates use approx. 100watts of electricity a day when in standby. When the gate is active this can increase to approx. 700watts. However, the amount of time they are active is very limited as average the cycle will be around 20-30 seconds. This works out to around 0.2p on your electricity bill for every cycle of the gates.

This equates to roughly £15 – £16 a year in electricity costs for running your residential gates.

**Info is based on 15 uses a day, if gates are used more frequent then the costs can be higher**



One of the most significant ongoing costs of automated gates would be servicing. Like any other machinery, automatic gates should be serviced annually to help ensure the longevity of the system.

We would recommend all gate systems are serviced annually.

  • Low usage sites (private residential properties etc) – 1 service per year
  • Multiuser site (private roads, Schools, carparks etc) – 2 services per year


**All prices are + VAT**